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Polyester Industrial YarnPolyester Industrial YarnPolyester Industrial Yarn

Polyester Industrial Yarn



Imported advanced facilities and production technology, high strength, perfect evenness, stable properties, physical performance rank top 3 in the industry of China, SGS approval, EU environmental protection requirements compliance.



Low denier range from 30D to 500D, types including: HT(high tenacity) low elongation low shrinkage, HT low shrinkage, HT low shrinkage abrasion-resistant, HT trilobal, HT fire-retardant, HT anti-UV, HT anti-static and colored yarn. Special for sewing thread of leather string, quilting string, high-end string, core-spun string etc.

High denier range from 500D to 4000D, type including: high tenacity, low shrinkage, super low shrinkage and colored yarn.



polyester sewing yarn widely used for core-spun thread, sewing thread, embroidery thread, net, rope, sling, webbing, tie-down, seat belts, textilene, tarpaulin, awnings, coated fabric, flex banner and military industry etc.

Packing: paper tube, pallet

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