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Do you Know All Bbout The Characteristics of Yarn?

Sep. 12, 2018

As a Nylon Industrial Yarn Wholesaler, We know Yarn features:

Tire Chafer Fabric

1.Strength the strength of the yarn depends on the holding force between the fibers and the friction force. For example, the morphology and arrangement of the soul fiber are not good, that is, the existence of the fiber like bending, circling, praying and winding of the soul fiber is equivalent to shortening the length of the fiber, weakening the contact degree of the fiber, thus easy to produce the slip between the fiber and reduce the strength of the yarn.

2. Wear resistance:Yarn wear resistance is closely related to yarn structure. The traditional ring spun yarn is in spiral shape in most fiber people. When repeated rubbing, the spiral fiber turns into axial fiber. When the yarn is easy to disintegrate with sharp twist, it will wear off quickly, and its flash and wear resistance are poor.

3. Twist the potential The twist also defines the important characteristics of the yarn and determines some characteristics of the fabric, such as the skein of the knitted fabric. Conventional ring-spun and tightly wound yarns are true twist yarns, which tend to produce skeins and coils of knitted fabric, sometimes made up with parallel threads.

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