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Car Tire Has No Inner Tube, Good Where?

Sep. 29, 2018

As a Tire Reinforcing Fabric Supplier, we want to say There are several other names for automobile tires. Vacuum tires, low-pressure tires and inflatable tires all refer to those without inner tires.

As a matter of fact, we used to have inner tires, just like bicycles. Remember, when we were young, we used to use inner tires for swimming laps. The advantage of tire with inner tire is its strong bearing capacity. Because of the common pressure capacity of inner tire and outer tire, some trucks and agricultural vehicles still have inner tire.

A vacuum tube without an inner tube evades this friction, and the heat of the tyre and the air in the tyre are directly dissipated from the metal hub, so the vacuum tube is 20 percent more efficient at dissipating heat than one with an inner tube.

What about the tightness of this vacuum tube? After special processing, there is a very thin rubber fabric seal layer inside the tire, which leaves a certain amount of space on the rim of the tire, so when the tire is inflated, the air tight layer is attached to the wheel hub, and the hoop is tightly connected to the inner ring of the tire edge, without leakage of air.

In the same way, because of the air tight layer, when the tire is punctured with a nail, the air will not immediately drain away, because the fabric's seal layer will be tightly wrapped around the nail, and the tire will still be able to travel a long distance as long as the nail is not pulled out.

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