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Does the Smell of Quick Door Curtain Fabric Cause Harm to Human Body?

Aug. 29, 2018

About Tire Reinforcing Fabric, quick door curtain fabric is Widely used in food, electronics, textile, printing, packaging, refrigeration environment, automobile assembly, chemical, pharmaceutical, machinery, logistics and warehousing. It is used in the field of indoor and outdoor door access and so on.

Tyre Reinforcing Fabric For Sale

As the main raw material of environmental protection type quick door, We have Tyre Reinforcing Fabric For Sale. What our curtain pays attention to most is healthy of course. Maybe some adhesives will be used when these quick doors are installed. These adhesives will release formaldehyde, and the higher the temperature, the faster it will release. This is harmful to human body. The harm of a good general adhesive is not so great, the bad smell will disappear after a period of ventilation.

We aslo provide Anti-Tear Mesh High Strength. Welcome to our website know more products.

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