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Application Of Belting Fabric

Mar. 30, 2018

  We are a professional exporter of Belting Fabric. Next I will introduce its use in our life.

  1.Solid-woven conveyor belt (used for rubber belt in coalmine),rubber dam etc.

  2.Special and key component for conveying powdery and particle materials,

  3.Suitable for airslide conveyor, homogenizing silo, pneumatic lifting pump, bulk tank truck, pneumatic

  4.transportation for powdery and particle materials in metallurgy and chemical industry, steel mill, power plant etc.

  5.Long-distance and heavy burden belt, multi-ply belt, heat-resistant belt, flame-retardant belt, puncture resistance belt, pipe belting fabric, TPU/PVC belt, elevator belt etc.

  We also supply industrial yarn and other products, welcome to consult us.

Belting Fabric

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