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Development Of Rubber Hose Industry

May. 10, 2018

After more than 50 years of development, the Rubber Hose industry in China has played an indispensable supporting role for the national economy. In particular, with the improvement of China's mechanization level and the application of new materials, the Rubber Hose industry continues to infiltrate with related fields and expands. Rubber Hose's application scope and field, Rubber Hose industry adheres to the scientific concept of development, product varieties, specifications, quality have been sustained, rapid, coordinated and healthy development, basically meet the needs of the domestic market and improve the product's international market competition force.

Rubber Hose's professional research and development in the industry continues to improve, not only to improve the existing Rubber Hose rubber, process, performance and cost, so that it continues to meet user requirements and meet market needs, and constantly develop new products and new technologies To fill the domestic gap, the performance of many domestic hose tapes has approached or reached the international advanced level, which has created conditions for domestic products to further enter the international market.

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