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Types Of Cord Fabric

Apr. 23, 2018

High-strength adhesive wire cords have the advantages of fatigue resistance, heat resistance, and small deformation of the carcass, but due to the hygroscopicity of the viscose rayon, the tires need to be protected so that the surface layer is complete without cracks, so as to avoid moisture and reduce the strength. Nylon cord strength is higher, made of carcass impact resistance, fatigue resistance, tire temperature rise is less, but the characteristics of thermal shrinkage, the carcass is easily deformed.

Our Tire Cord Fabric has the features of high breaking strength, heat-resistance, impact-resistance, anti-fatigue, superior dimensional stability, high peel adhesion with rubber compound and customized production available. Can be applied to motorcycle tyre, electric bicycle, bicycle tyre etc.

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Tire Cord Fabric

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