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We Are the Industrial Yarn And Tire Cord Fabric China

Aug. 10, 2018

We are not only Industrial Yarn Wholesaler but also Tire Cord Fabric China manufacturers.

What is the cord fabric? What is a tire cord fabric? The skeleton fabric for tires has a large density, and the weft density is sparse and looks like a curtain. The warp of the cord fabric is made of strong strands, and the weft yarn has medium and fine single yarns. The strength of the warp yarn is high. It is specially used as a skeleton of rubber products such as tires, and can withstand great pressure, impact and strong vibration. It has a large impact on the performance and life of the tire. Its warp and weft have different roles. The warp (also known as the cord) bears the load, and the weft yarn acts as a fixed warp position. In order to withstand heavy loads, the cord must have a high strength and initial modulus, and be heat resistant, fatigue resistant, structurally stable, and bondable to rubber. There are many types of cords, such as cotton cords, viscose cords, nylon cords, polyester cords, steel cords, and fiberglass cords. The cotton cord has low strength, slow heat dissipation and less application.

Industrial gauze is made of 65% polyester cotton made of industrial yarn and 35% cotton. It is characterized by its elasticity, long-term use without pilling, and special durability. After that, you can continue to use it. Use one or two examples and a brief introduction to the carpets we usually see in the family. The bottom layer is industrial gauze. It mainly plays the role of reinforcement. Our luggage and luggage are also produced. Industrial gauze will be used, which also acts as a reinforcement. Therefore, the role of industrial gauze is to protect the reinforcement. 

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