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What is Air Slide Fabric?

Jun. 08, 2018

It's acceptable for analog transport of powdery materials like cement and alumina. It's also acceptable for pneumatic conveying apparatus of additional powder and granular materials. An Air Slide Fabric is at the center of a chute. Powder cloth will come in the chute over Airslide belt. Substance will flow into the chute lower side as pneumatic blower down Airslide belt.The merchandise is dispersed between the substance and the air room, the next is the gas room, the aforementioned is that the substance, under the act of air pressure throughout the item, the substance fluidized, in order to attain the aim of transport.

Our air slide cloth is called fluidising cloth,Airslide cloth, Air slip cloth,fluidizing cloth,aeration pad,aeration cloth,air permeable cloth, Air slip canvas, Air Slide Belt Fabric,air slide materials and Fluidization fabric, Belting Fabric such as Air Slides.

Air Slide Fabric

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