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Performance Requirements for Automotive Hoses

Aug. 22, 2018

In the automobile, the hose which is producted by V Belt Jacket Fabric is used to transmit various liquids and gases, including fuel oil, lubricating oil, refrigerant and water. The rubber hose installed in the car should be subjected to various environmental factors under running conditions for a long time. In order to produce and develop the rubber tube products that meet the actual use requirements, it is necessary to evaluate and test the performance of the rubber tube correctly.

Automotive hose must be flexible and flexible, resistant to high and low temperature, pressure, weather, liquid transport and mechanical vibration. Automotive hose can be divided into fuel hose, air conditioner hose, brake hose, cooling pipe, power steering pipe and air conveying pipe, etc. Different applications of hose have some different requirements. Table 1 is the performance requirements of all types of hose and some common detection methods.

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