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Five Basic Tire Structures

Aug. 24, 2018

Tires are an important part of a car. There are many types of tires. The common pneumatic tires are deviated and radial tires. They are named according to the fitting form of tire body curtain which is provide by Tire Cord Fabric Supplier. Let's take the radial tire commonly used in cars as an example to understand its structure:

Tire Cord Fabric Supplier

1. Tire tread: a thick rubber layer provides a contact interface with the ground, as well as drainage and aging resistance.

2. Tire band: double or three-layer reinforced band has vertical flexibility and extremely high lateral rigidity, providing steering force.

3. Tire side: the tire side can accommodate and protect the tire cover, and the tire cover function is to fix the tire's tire surface on the rim.

4. Tyre: the inner steel rim of the tyre can be firmly fixed on the rim so that it can be combined together.

5. Air tightness: it ensures that the tire has good air tightness and maintains correct tire pressure.

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