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Do You Know the History of Rubber Tire Development?

Sep. 07, 2018

The development of rubber tires from steel tires to fabric tires such as Tire Reinforcing Fabric.

Tire Reinforcing Fabric

[1] in 1891, the metallic tyre invented by C.K. Welch was an important breakthrough in tire history.

In 1913, the British invention of a meridian line scheme broke the previous prejudice on the application of the tire core fabric. However, the meridian plan has been widely applied after 35 years. Fetal core fabric is composed of thick cotton threads. Because of the high price, the more durable silk cannot be used to produce the tyre core fabric. But in 1928, upont created the basic theory of synthetic reactions, which led to the rapid development of the tire industry in the 1930s. As early as 1948, the production of man-made fibers promoted the development of heat-resistant cotton embryo core fabric, accounting for 75% of the market at that time.

[2] in 1948, nylon tire - cored fabric was introduced. Nylon finally gained a competitive advantage in price in 1960 and began to dominate the market. In 1962, a new polyester core fabric was first introduced. In the 1970s, steel wire tread pattern led and swept the European market, as did the U.S. in the 1980s. In 1972, Dupont invented the Kevlar polyamide fiber, which is five times more durable than the steel wire fiber and has good three-dimensional stability, but the material is very expensive and restricted to use in special civilian vehicles.

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