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Brief Introduction Of Rubber Hose

May. 07, 2018

Rubber Hose refers to the pipe used for gas transportation and is commonly used for gas welding, gas cutting, various gas shielded welding, plasma arc welding and cutting. There are two types of Rubber Hose for welding: the red tube is an oxygen tube, and the maximum pressure is 1.5 MPa; the green tube or black tube is an acetylene tube, and the allowable pressure is 0.5 to 1.0 Mpa.

Rubber Hose's characteristics are physiological inertness, UV resistance, ozone resistance, high and low temperature resistance (-80 to 300 degrees), high transparency, strong resilience, resistance to compression, permanent deformation, oil resistance, stamping resistance, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, Flame retardant, voltage resistance, conductivity and other properties. Mainly used for industrial, mining, civilian transport and attract liquids, gases and so on.

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