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Introduction Of Tire Cord Fabric

Apr. 20, 2018

The cord fabric is made of strong strands and weaves are made of medium and fine single yarns. The warps are arranged closely and the weft yarns are arranged sparsely and shaped like curtains, so they are called cord fabrics. Tire fabrics are used as the backbone of rubber products such as tires, which are subjected to great pressure, impact loads and strong vibrations. Tire Cord Fabric is an important material that affects the performance and life of tires. The warp, also known as the cord, bears the load, and the weft fixes the warp position.

The requirements for the cords are: 1 high strength and initial modulus; 2 heat resistance; 3 fatigue resistance; 4 structural stability; In the 1970s, aramid cords appeared, which have the advantages of high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance, and dimensional stability, and are suitable for tires with higher performance requirements such as construction vehicles and aircrafts. In addition there are carbon fiber cord fabrics, pen fiber is also the future development trend.

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Tire Cord Fabric

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