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Precautions For Using Rubber Hoses

Apr. 12, 2018

Rubber hose is a steel wire braided hose. The hose consists of an inner rubber layer, a layer of steel braid and an outer rubber layer. Suitable for conveying hydraulic fluids such as alcohols, fuels, lubricating oils, emulsions, etc.

1. Be sure to use the rubber hose within the recommended temperature and pressure range.

2. The hose expands and contracts with its internal pressure. Cut the hose slightly longer than you need.

3. When applying pressure, slowly switch any valve to avoid shock pressure.

4. The rubber hose should be used under the condition of its bending radius, otherwise it will cause the hose to break and reduce the pressure resistance.

5. the use of powder, granules, according to the conditions may cause easy wear and tear, please try to enlarge the bend radius of the hose.

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