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How To Reduce Tire Weight?

May. 02, 2018

At present, reducing the weight of the tire and reducing the rolling resistance have become one of the most important factors to improve the performance of the tire, which is essential to the improvement of the global environment, as it is to save automobile fuel.

There are many ways to reduce tire weight and reduce rolling resistance, for example, reducing the energy loss of the rubber by changing the variety of the rubber or reducing the amount of carbon black in the rubber, reducing the rolling resistance of the tire, and reducing the tire weight by reducing the number of tire reinforcing fabric and reducing the thickness of the rubber layer.

In order to solve the problem of reducing the effort, people try to solve the relationship between low rolling resistance and tread adhesive force by developing SBR. However, there is still no effective way to coordinate tire stiffness with reducing rolling resistance and reducing tire weight.

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