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Introduction Of Polyester Industrial Yarn

May. 31, 2018

Polyester industrial yarn refers to the cotton yarn used in the production of polyester. Polyester is a type of fiber produced by polymer spinning. At present, it refers to the production of ethylene terephthalate as the raw material, according to the English name of its raw material. Terephthalate" abbreviation, abbreviated "PET" fiber. In China, it is commonly known as polyester. The so-called "yarn" is actually the collective name of "yarn" and "thread". It is defined in the material science of clothing as follows: "Yarn" is a group of many short fibers or filaments arranged in an approximately parallel state and along the axial direction. Rotary twisting forms an elongated body with a certain strength and linear density; and a "thread" is a strand formed by twisting two or more single yarns. Yarn is cotton, wool, hemp, chemical fiber, etc, which is made by twisting and twisting the fiber and twisting it (usually used as a raw material for weaving), and then twisted with fine materials such as cotton, hemp, silk, and wool. Fine, called the line.

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Polyester Industrial Yarn

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